‏Executive Travel Assistant was started by Joanne Griffing who has worked in the travel industry for over 20 years.   Now she has partnered with TnT and we’re about to blow up… ha ha ha (slapping my knee). Ok not that funny, and we have no comedians on our team, so let’s stick to what we’re good at.   WE LOVE TO TRAVEL and we love to assist people on new journeys.

While word of mouth and recommendations has worked well for years, we have decided to bring you a glimpse of the world we’ve helped so many see so far through our new site.  Give us a moment to get set up… Until then feel free to contact us and sign up for more information.

Your Executive Travel Assistants – New partners:

Teya Dalton, Specialized Itineraries Partner

Teya does individual and group trips that are immersive and has a discovery nature.  She set out with a goal of visiting 40 countries before 40. She has 14 countries to go and only #%! years left. Don’t tell her we hinted at her age. #countrycounting is her thing! That and dry dessert kisses –>


Tanisha Edwards, Groups/Special Events Partner

Tanisha does destination trips and celebrations in a big way. She loved planning her own destination wedding, and is known for her huge annual family and friend group trips out the country! Definitely don’t hesitate to call her for help with your trip. Fresh off of another island wedding trip, we’re a little envious of her tan!  Whether you have a special event, milestone celebration or just love to travel with your friends, Tanisha can make it happen! Brides are happy. Milestone birthday celebrations are memorable. Clients all become friends. There are very few slots for  God-mommy applications left. Just saying…


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