What is Blogtober?

Blogtober is essentially where bloggers post a new blog post for every day of the month of October. Yes,  every single day.  So tune in for some stay fly tips from Executive Travel Assistant team and some laughs.

Why take part?

Because this is the time of year when everyone starts to assess their year in review. What were my resolutions?… Oh yeah not doing that one.   BUT that, yeeeessssss let’s do it.
And many people also start vacation planning for next year. So this is the best time to share as much information as possible.
And finally,  because I’ve missed you! Stay tuned for some good info!!

What are the rules?

There are no rules to Blogtober other than creating new content every day of the month. That means people can get as creative as they want to with their posts.

Who else is taking part?

Here are some other bloggers who are taking part in the Blogtober Challenge:


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