The year was 2012.

I was 30 pounds lighter than the year before,  battling a thyroid issue I didn’t know about.. hitting the gym and eating clean. HOW CLEAN? No pork, red meat, very, very little starch, nothing fried. Yeap, I was bringing sexy back!


Ladies and gentlemen, I was getting ready for carnival and the lack of coverage provided by my costume.  Since I would be looking so good 😏 I also book a trip to Barbados and a Mediterranean cruise. Time to take advantage of this new found bikini body.

…my tastebuds filed a lawsuit against me for neglect.

But it was my first real cruise…

…(another story) and I was not mentally prepared for the all you can eat benefit of cruising.

First of all, you cannot or should not go to Italy without enjoying their salami… Nope. Can’t do it. Pork seems to be from a different animal there. So I was planning to have some.  S. O. M. E. That plan went out the window…

Suset dinner cruise on the Mediterranean Sea

That plan went out the window. Whew, I think that my tastebuds filed a lawsuit against me for neglect. I  ate everything on that cruise which is not the biggest issue in the world. I didn’t stop once I return home. Bread(s), sugar-filled cookies,  my friend B’s home homemade cinnamon rolls. Y’all dont understand. My waistline went in the oposite direction at a speed I couldn’t control.

The rest of my vacations lead to even more taste bud dances all around. 😏  It was like my clean eating was immune from vacation…

Buying fresh produce in Havana, Cuba

Why are we talking about this?

Well, I take 2-4 vacations a year. And towards the end of the year, I learned that my thyroid was behaving abnormally and driving my insatiable thirst for food. In my case, this was inherited in addition to the high chance of diabetes.  5 years of practicing I have learned to manage my daily eating to support a happy lifestyle and support the energy I need to take on the many projects I’ve taken on in life.

The dips in Giza, Cairo, Egypt

Feeling good is the only requirement…

You have to find what works for you. If eating Brandi’s cinnamon buns makes you feel great, DO IT. You will have the biggest smile in every picture. If a small waistline is your thing, then you will continuously manage your eating and gym sessions. If being with the one you love is your thing, then take on a pose that compliments you both. The only thing required for great vacation photos and memories is for you to feel good about your self.  Accessories, makeup, clothing and props are all secondary to how you feel about you.

A midnight snack on Santorini black sand beach.

Stay fly tips

Research places to eat and have a plan before you go on vacation.

  1. Use The travel channel and the Food Network. All of their shows have a write-up of each place they visit online.
  2. Find online menus. If you have eating restrictions look at the menu before you get to town. Nothing is worse than being tempted or realizing you can’t eat here once you sit down.
  3. Workout on vacation. If you give yourself an extra allowance of indulging then add a morning jog, a long brisk walk, or a dance session into your day. I work out on vacation more than at home. And a jog or a long walk is a great way to experience the city your in.
  4. Keep in mind that what you eat determines the composition of your body. So enjoy the food, but never OVER DO IT. Unless winning eating contest(s) is your thing. In that case Go, Go, Go, Go….
  5. Healthy is happy. Eat foods that feed your soul and give you energy. Energy allows you to be in action. And being in action can lift your mood. Get moving!


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