Don’t disturb means…

I don’t want NOOOOOO Body in my  hotel room when I’m away.  I also don’t want anyone in I  my apartment when I’m away.  You will never find my place on airbnb or the likes when I’m out of town….


‘Preciate those who do. I often will rent an apartment or house… Just not my thing.

I have trust issues.

I mean I [might] have 1 or 2 things at home that no one needs to know about. This is also the case on vacation.

And I like my things right where I left them. Like the pineapple that came with my drink. I saved it so I can add more alchohol… 😆 Cleaning crew would have discarded a imperfectly sweet sipping device. NOT COOL  😆

Its ok to have a preference. Don’t judge me,  I won’t judge you.  I really don’t want anyone in my room.  Not sorry.

“No cleaning required but thank you so much!”

Stay fly tips,  to reduce the need for a cleaning crew

  1. Request extra towels when you check in. I also highly recommend that you request a new comforter or duvet when you check in.  These things cam be brought up to you.  But will also avoid you needing them later.
  2. Request that your room be taken off the cleaning schedule until check out. This will save some time enforcing your request for no service.
  3. BIG TIP: Tip the cleaning crew any way.  When you see the cleaning crew,  slide them a tip with a smile and a “No cleaning required,  but thank you so much”.  If you ever return you wont be the cheap one who never gets an upgrade or tooth paste.

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  • you’re not the first person I’ve heard say they don’t want anyone in their room. Is this for short term stays because I want someone to come in and clean my bathroom every other day if I am staying a while or do you bring your own cleaning supplies?

    • Teya Dalton

      This is my preference for 5 days or less if I am traveling alone. Traveling with others…3 days or more requires a cleaning. All the same, I want them in the room while I am there.

  • I thought it was just me! I love seeing that the room has been cleaned and the sheets folded in a way I could never perfect but I HATE having things that I have strategically placed or kept moved around or thrown away- great tips!

    • Teya Dalton

      Right Tisha, find the balance that works for you. Maybe you can request to have your room cleaned first so it’s done while you are there…

    • Teya Dalton

      Alex, that is great. 1 day maybe I will be able to do the same but until then I will extend a huge thanks to you. You help the world go round!

  • I do understand your rants, sometimes cleaning crew disregard basic things, but which is for us very important (well not that important) but for us we do want our things to be as it is. thanks for those tips I need to pay a gratitude to cleaners now 🙂

    • Teya Dalton

      Yes, most of the time the house staff outside of major western tourist cities make very little money.

  • Hehehe, I’m quite the opposite. I’m always rushing out so the room is a mess when I leave. I’m normally super organized and clean but on vacation I seem to forget everything, so I always like walking into a clean room when I return haha.

  • Aditi

    I totally get it!! 😉 I know how it feels when someone invades your privacy…. I like your idea of requesting for extras right away. Cheers!!

  • To each their own, right? I love that you cared about the pineapple so much, that’s brilliant:D Also very ecological actually! I for one love coming back to a clean hotel room and a made bed (because I’m too lazy to make my bed in the mornings…)

    • Teya Dalton

      Helene, that’s right!!! All about what makes you happy. It is your vacation and if traveling for business, all the more reason to do what makes you comfortable.

  • My colleagues used to hangout on my room so I leave it open when I’m on vacation. Plus I have plants and pets that needa caring when I’m out.

  • Rahat Arora

    Yes you are right, safety of our things comes first and even I don’t like someone visit my room in hotel when I am away

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