At the end of the year…

I’m amazed at the people I’ve met through my travels and stillness. I’m celebrating having visited 30 countries to date, and still, it’s been a rough year for me personally. Separated from some friemdships and a romance I thought would last forever…

2 things helped me get through it:

1- this picture of my nieces that I see everyday as a wallpaper on my cell phone. So in love with them and who they’re becoming.

2- The people in my life who have been a mirror of the energy I’ve put out into the world. That reciprocity has been a life saver this year.

Holiday wishes…

As I take a moment to be still, I realize that I’m also in love with my life. Even though I sit alone, I am surrounded by generosity.

Happy holidays to all of my family and friends who remind me that it is ok to be me… to give, to share, to love and to care about life and all of its ups and downs.

Still amazed…

Some of you I’ve known since I was 6,  and now you have families of your own. Others I met as a young adult,  and your growth inspires me. Others I’ve met recently and I’m touched by the wisdom, the energy, and the contributions you all make, granting space for joy in every corner of life.

So, I smile.

For every jerk, and narcissist that I have met or seen on my TV screen (politicians and other narative creators)  there are even more amazing people that I’ve met through these travels and my stillness.

“…there is a reason… for you to smile. Find it and go make somebody’s day.”

People who care and learn and grow and create and nurture and build… There is more love than any other emotion on this planet.  It’s just not dramatic enough for high media ratings.

So I’m taking a moment to say… whatever it is that you’re dealing with right this moment there is a reason somewhere in your heart for you to smile. Find it and go make somebody’s day.

Happy traveling.

Happy expanding.

Happy building.

Happy holidays.

Stay fly tips

1. During the holidays, enjoy the people around you or place yourself in an environment where you can enjoy your own company. ENJOY being the operative word.

2. Enjoy a special drink, at a carnival, a bar or at home. ENJOY being the operative word.

3. Gifting yourself is a gift to everyone around you. People want to see you happy!

4. Remember only hurting people hurt others. Be careful not to react harshly to anyone who is hurting this holiday season.

Treat yourself to a special drink

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